Did you know that I went to Michelle Hodkin’s Book signing event last January 18, 2015?

Want to watch the compilation video? ♥

IMG_3086Michelle Hodkin is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. And ohmygoodness, it’ll be an honor if she’ll come back again! Our convo ( as what I can remember ).

Me : Did you know that you replied to one of my tweets last September? *shows her my phone*

Michelle: Oh! Hey! I know you on twitter! You’re always tweeting me.

Me: Hahaha. Yess. Am I bugging you?

Michelle: No. No. Actually, I love meeting online friends! It’s good that you’re here!!

Me: Yayy. Me too! Actually, this is the first time I went to a book signing event. By the way, can you answer this question, please?

*Question: How would you define the words “true friendship”?*

Michelle: Oh. This is difficult. I don’t know the right answer for this but .. here’s my answer

Me: Loyalty. That’s also your answer on your goodreads’ interview.

Michelle: Yea. What do you think of it?

Me: I think you’re great *I’m actually on the state of being shock cuz I’m actually talking to my favorite author*


“True friendship is loyalty.” & “Find Passion” were written as dedication on my book.



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