Where Do I Usually Buy My Books

A lot of you already know that our libraries here suck are not updated. Yup, they don’t have YA books and such. It makes me sad, to be honest. Not everyone (like me!) can afford to buy ALL new releases and pre-order upcoming releases. I’m really jealous with the libraries in other countries.

Also, a lot of people have been asking me where do I usually buy my books. Guys, here are my answers. These are the only places I usually buy my books. Please click the image to see their websites.


  1. National Book Store

This is the nearest local bookstore from my house and uni. I’m 1 hour away from this bookstore and they just had their Cut Price Sale last month. If you’re following me on Twitter and Instagram, you know that I bought Scarlet and Cress at 20% off! They sell a wide variety collection of books but it’s still incomplete. Nevertheless, I love this bookstore.

fully booked

2. Fully Booked

Let me tell you that this bookstore is my most favorite. Yup, you’ve read it right. The nearest Fully Booked branch is 2 hours away from me. I badly want to go there every single time but the fare is quite expensive. The nearest Fully Booked branch from me has 4 floors full of books. How cool is that? That’s what you call, “HEAVEN”.


3. The Book Depository

Okay, guys. I barely order something from The Book Depository because a) I don’t have a credit card. b) I only order books which are not available here. c) 2-3 weeks waiting time makes me crazy unless I’m busy doing things that I’ll forget about this. The thing that I really love about TBD is their free shipping. This is a great advantage to all international peeps! Another one is their bookmarks. They’re just so stunning that I badly want to have all of them.

ย bookstore / bookseller goals:


Where can you find a $2 – $5 worth of hardcover book? Book Outlet has it. I badly want to order from this online bookstore, tbh. The prices are SO cheap. The shipping fee is my worry. Bookworms from the US and Canada are so lucky to have this. Very lucky.

I hope you liked my post. Please comment down some of the places where you usually buy your books. Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜‰



  1. Girl! I only ever buy books from Amazon (because…Kindle) but if I was in my physical copy phase again, I would do Barnes AND Noble but that sucks that you don’t have one there! But it’s good that you can find other alternatives to getting the books you love!โ™ก

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  2. Yup Fully Booked is the freaking best! Are you talking about their BGC branch? If you are, it’s heaven. You’re right! ๐Ÿ˜Š
    PowerBooks and NBS are sister companies, yeah? I bought a book from PowerBooks with an NBS tag. That’s how I discovered ๐Ÿ˜

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