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Hello everyone! I MISSED every single one of you. It’s finally Christmas break and I can finally update you with all the shenanigans I’m going to do before 2016 (let’s hope for the best!). It has been a long time since I joined BOOKSTAGRAM (bookish instagram) and I’m really thankful that I joined the said community. I wouldn’t be inspired to blog about books if it wasn’t because of that community.

Bookstagram played a huge role in my life, to be honest with you. I didn’t know that I would be meeting a LOT of internet friends. Yes, a LOT (Duh, it’s very difficult to enumerate them). The bookstagram community is ACA-AWESOME. The people there are so sweet and lovely.

My day wouldn’t be complete without checking my bookstagram and liking photos. Books are my stress reliever.

And now, I proudly present to you SOME of my fave bookstagrammers:

THESE were just SOME of my fave bookstagrammers. If you want, you can check out all the bookstagrammers I’m following. Also, I wouldn’t want to miss the chance to share my bookstagram. πŸ™‚





  1. I adore checking out bookstagram! I actually have one but I have so little physical copies of books (most of them are in storage in another country) that I feel like I can’t really start an account the right way because I’ll be posting the same old books all the time. Hopefully, once I’m reunited with my book collection I’ll start bookstagramming for real

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  2. Bookstagram is amazing. I absolutely adore scrolling through Instagram and looking at all the pictures of books! I could do it for hours! I see quite a few bookstagrammers in your list that are also MY favourites! 😊

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