Blogger Confessions

I have a lot to confess about my blogging life. This #bloggerconfessions will most probably be one of my most favorite posts ever because this is me, the REAL me. I will try to enumerate all the things that make Jasmine, Jasmine. Without further ado, let’s get started.


  • I think you already know that I started my book blog just last year. I’ll celebrate my first blogoversary soon and I just can’t believe how time flies so fast. Jasmine Pearl Reads wouldn’t be the same without you, guys.

  • I love receiving emails from authors, but I can’t always say “YES” with your review requests all the time. I have to stop saying “YES”. I don’t want to hurt nor offend you, but I think it would be better to say “NO”. I’m sorry. I know my limitations. I need to take control. Who knows? Maybe in the near future, right?

  • When I started book blogging, I was so afraid of DNF-ing a book. I feel like I’m going to offend an author or a bookworm or a friend. You know what I realized before the end of 2015? You need not to be stuck with a book that doesn’t match your interest and taste. And if it’s not really worth the read, just let it go *sings Let It Go*. There will come a time wherein you can pick it up and read it again. Just go with the flow. If you’re forcing yourself to read that not-so-interesting book, you’ll end up having a reading slump. Also, YOLO. You still have a ton of books in your TBR pile, remember???

  • I have a bunch of author friends in twitter and they’re SO SO SO amazing af. Like hell yeah, you should go read their books. They are so friendly and they’re also fangirls / fanboys!

Let me name some of them for you:

Elise Kova – @EliseKova

Becky Albertalli – @beckyalbertalli

Jessica Brooks – @coffeelvnmom

Jennifer Niven – @jenniferniven

Jasmine Warga – @jasminewarga

Tommy Wallach – @tommywallach

Scott Sigler – @scottsigler

Heidi Heilig – @heidiheilig

Amy Finnegan – @ajfinnegan

Andrea L. Wells – @andrealwells

Megan Duke – @MeganDukeBooks

Karole Cozzo – @KACozzo

Kim Karalius – @kkaralius

Lygia Day Penaflor – @lygiaday

Jessica Verdi – @JessVerdi

Ines Yao – @inesbyao

Kate Evangelista – @KateEvangelista

And a lot more…. you should probably stalk my following list on twitter. 😛

  • Aside from these authors, I also have a TON of bookish friends worldwide. Thanks to Twitter and Instagram for giving us the chance to know each other better. I would like to thank every single one of you for being amazing. You always make my day brighter.

  • Okay, so this is most probably my last confession…..

As a blogger and a bookstagrammer, you can’t always receive all the good vibes from different people. Come on, let’s face it. We all know that we can’t please everyone. Also, it’s not our responsibility to please them, right? This blogging thing –sort of- describes me as ME. If you don’t like me, that’s fine. If you like me, thank you. As much as I try to be nice to everybody, there’s always this 10-20% possibility that someone would misinterpret it. Trust me. Here are some words that I can leave for you… you don’t have to right to judge someone because A) We haven’t met each other in real life yet. B) You only know me through Twitter or Instagram (duh, I also don’t post much in my Facebook account so… NOPE) C) It won’t make you a better person. D) I don’t find it impressive.


So, there you have it. Now, I want to know some of your bookish confessions. Feel free to comment down below. See yah in my next post!

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  1. Great confessions Jasmine! I completely agree, it’s okay to have author friends and everything, as long as you can be mutually respectful and not let that affect your reviews! I completely agree with DNFing a book, if it’s just not engaging you then there’s no point in doing something you’re not going to enjoy. Happy reading!

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