Let’s talk about ARCs! (PART 2)

ARCs part2

I’ve been wanting to write the second part of this discussion post for so long and I’m really glad that I finally did it! Anyways, click here if you want to read my first post.

We all know that ARC stands for Advance Reader’s Copy and so on…. yup, every detail was on the first part of my discussion post. So, what am I going to share with you now? A lot of people are asking, “why do bloggers receive ARCs?”, “why do publishers need to distribute ARCs?” and a lot more of WHYs. If you have an ARC, you know that at the back of your copy, there are things written there about NATIONAL MARKETING CAMPAIGN. That being said, I’m going to share some of the publishers’ reasons why ARCs are distributed.


  • Extensive blogger outreach
  • Reading community consumer promotion
  • Featured on HarperTeen consumer website epicreads.com
  • Extensive social media outreach
  • Cross-promotion through author’s social media profiles
  • Featured on harpercollins.com
  • Librarian and educator outreach


  • Prepublication Buzz Marketing Campaign
  • YA and Romance Media Campaign
  • Swoon Reads Exclusive Author Content
  • YA Blogger Outreach
  • Extensive Digital Marketing & Social Media Campaign
  • Early Galley Promotions on Goodreads.com
  • National Advertising Campaign


  • Extensive Prepublication Consumer, Media, Educator/ Librarian and Industry Buzz Campaign
  • National Media Campaign
  • National Author Tour
  • Outreach to Bloggers
  • National Consumer Advertising
  • Major Pre- and Post-Publication Chapter Sampler Distribution
  • Promotion at Regional Trade Shows
  • Promotion at Book Festivals Nationwide
  • Major Promotion At All National School and Library Conferences
  • Outreach to Teen Book Clubs


  • Prepublication Buzz Marketing Campaign
  • Select Author Appearances
  • National Consumer Advertising Campaign
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media Campaign
  • YA Blog Tour
  • School and Library Marketing Campaign

So, I hope I answered some of your questions. And I really hope that you now understand the existence of ARCs. That’s all for now. Thanks for reading! 😉

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