No more time for reading?! Jasmine has plans.


When summer started here in our country, I had a LOT of plans. Mostly reading books, of course. But then, reading slumps happened. That feeling when you finished reading an ahhh—-mazing book and then you didn’t know what to read next because you had a great time devouring your last read and you didn’t want to be disappointed in life. And you just became so choosy. I’m talking about me.

Time flies so fast. Less than 2 weeks before I go back to uni. Yup, classes start on the 27th of June and it’s quite freaking me out (i miss my friends though!). I’m officially a third-year college student (I’ve said this many times!) and I feel like this year will be very busy. And by that, I mean “VERY VERY VERY BUSY THAT JASMINE CAN’T HOLD A BOOK ANYMORE” *praying to the bookish gods that this won’t happen* Let’s talk about reality though.

I already have my schedule for this semester and it’s not that hectic than the last one. Classes are from Monday to Saturday except Wednesday! Yes, 5 days a week. The thing that I’m really worried about is my Monday schedule. I have P.E. as my first class. AAAAND, it starts at 7 in the morning (SERIOUSLY?). Considering that I have to travel for 40mins-1hr to get to my uni. No more time for reading during Sunday nights! 😦


  • According to my schedule, I have a lot of free time before I go to my next subject (like an hour or something). Gonna squeeze some reading there!
  • My classes everyday do not always start at 7:30am (unlike the last time!!) so I can read a few number of pages (or chapters?!) the night before that.
  • Do homework as soon as I can so I can read at home!
  • Not going to accept a LOT of book review requests (sorry!) because acads > books.
  • At least finish reading 1 book a week (or two).

I think that’s all what I have right now. Let’s see how this semester will go. I’ve read 5 books so far this June and they are:

  1. We Were Never Here by Jennifer Gilmore // 3 stars
  2. Tell Us Something True by Dana Reinhardt // 5 stars
  3. The Invasion of the Tearling by Erika Johansen // 3 stars
  4. Cruel Heart Broken by Emma Haughton // 4 stars
  5. Crystal Crowned by Elise Kova // 5 stars

Some of my book reviews for these books will be up this month! See you in my next post. Also, if you do have some recommendations for my reading routine, please leave a comment! Thank you! :*

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6 thoughts on “No more time for reading?! Jasmine has plans.

  1. I am actually an upcoming 4th year student in a University in the PH as well, but I am one of the Team August yay! I actually took hiatus last month since it’s hard to submit projects and read at the same time but now I am finally back! Good luck on your acads and reading!


  2. I’m a 4th year univ student and there’s already a lot of pressure going on although we’re only 2 months since school started. Great plans though, and I hope you’ll have a great school year! 🙂


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