Guess who’s finally back?! Jasmine’s November TBR + Life Updates <3



*insert Moriarty’s voice* Did you miss me? Did you miss me? OKAY. I owe you some explanations. First of all, I’m so sorry. I feel like I’ve neglected my blog, my bookstagram, and my life (in general) last month. It feels weird writing new blog posts, to be honest. October hasn’t been a great month for reading and everything else. I’ve been so stressed out because of finals. Truth be told, written exams are easy unlike final projects. Final projects will be the reason of my death. Many people say that Information Technology is one of the easiest programs. HECK, NO! Expect that your final projects are programs. One week isn’t enough to finish a single program. And cramming isn’t the answer. It’s either you pass or fail. BAM! Anyway, we’ve only had 2 final written exams. I only took one exam because I was exempted in my Accounting course. And to my surprise, I was able to get a perfect score on my Physics II written exam! We’re on a semestral break right now. We’ll be coming back to school on the 28th. Probably another sem full of SLEEPLESS NIGHTS. >____>

ANYWAY, 10 DAYS till my 19th birthday! Shall we start a countdown? ❤



I’ve already finished reading one from this stack. Still reading THE GIRLS by Emma Cline and I just started reading AMY & ROGER’S EPIC DETOUR. Thank you so much for sending me a SIGNED copy of it for my birthday, JM @ Book Freak Revelations. I LOVE YOU! ❤

I need to finish my reading challenge this year. I think I’m 1 or 2 books behind schedule. UGH. I need to be ahead of my schedule before I go back to uni! I was able to finish reading 1 book last month. It was THE UPSIDE OF UNREQUITED by Becky Albertalli. It’ll be released in 2017. The long wait is killing me. If you haven’t followed yet, there’s a PH twitter account for Becky Albertalli. Please follow here. Thank you.

Okay, I want to hear your stories. How’s your November so far?

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2 thoughts on “Guess who’s finally back?! Jasmine’s November TBR + Life Updates <3

  1. yayy welcome back! and omg you did amazing with your exams! a perfect mark in physics? that is definitely something i would NEVER achieve 😂 november has been a bit depressing, not because the election only. there have been few riots in my country, and i think i started to lose faith in equality and humanity in general. it’s just sad.


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