October + November Book Haul! <3


November has officially come to an end and here’s a book haul post for you! Jasmine, why did you include your October book haul? Again, my life has been so hectic and crazy and I wasn’t able to post it last month. Shame on me. HUHUHUHU. I’ve received a lot of books and I really need to read and review these books ASAP. Oh my gosh. So, without further ado, here’s my VERY ALARMING DSGSDGSDHDHF BOOK HAUL!!!



I seriously got a lot of books last October. Some of these were early birthday presents.

Huge thanks to Random House for sending me these books. Like OH MY GOSH. I didn’t expect 5 books. WHUUUUUUUT.

Thanks for sending me another Holly Bourne book, Usborne YA!

I’ve finished reading this one and it was heartbreaking. Thanks, HQ Young Adult. Full review soon!

The Air Awakens series is one of my fave fantasy series ever. I can’t wait to read this, Major Kova!


Huge thanks to my bookish bff, JM @ Book Freak Revelations, for sending me a SIGNED copy of Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour. OH MY GOSH. I love you! ❤



Penguin Random House was kind enough to send me these books for my birthday.

I actually just received a gift from my mom’s cousin and they’re gift cards from our local bookstore. OH MY GOSH. I’m so excited to use them! What books should I buy next? Anyway, how many books have you hauled this month? ❤

jasmine sign


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