The Lies About Truth





Sadie Kingston, is a girl living in the aftermath. A year after surviving a car accident that killed her friend Trent and left her body and face scarred, she can’t move forward. The only person who seems to understand her is Trent’s brother, Max.

As Sadie begins to fall for Max, she’s unsure if she is truly healed enough to be with him — even if Max is able to look at her scars and not shy away. But when the truth about the accident and subsequent events comes to light, Sadie has to decide if she can embrace the future or if she’ll always be trapped in the past.


*I would like to thank HARPER COLLINS INTERNATIONAL for sending me an ARC copy of this book. This doesn’t affect nor influence my review.*

Do you know that feeling when you finished reading a book and you were like, “What did I just read? What the f*ck did just happen to my feelings?” I felt this right after I finished reading The Lies About Truth.

I assure you that this novel will make you feel enthralled and will leave you astounded. Oh gosh. If you must know, I love novels about friendship. Whenever I browse for books, I always search for friendship-related novels. Romance is a plus point, but FRIENDSHIP is my thing. I just don’t get inspired by the characters, but I can also relate to them.

Sadie. She survived a car accident. She got traumatized after that incident. She always had second thoughts if she’ll do this or that. Until she met Max….. She’s just unsure of what will happen in the future.

Max. His brother, Trent, died in a car accident where Sadie survived. Max did his best to be with Sadie…..

The thing that will really remind me about this book is the friendship circle. Sometimes, friends fight for each other. Sometimes, friends fight each other. Come on, there’s no such thing as a perfect friendship but it’ll all come down to this – true friendship will last forever. Sometimes, me and my friends have a misunderstanding but we’re still one (or at least I still consider them as my friends). Another fact, whenever you’re having a fight with your friend, there’s no way you can hold the feeling of being angry at him/her for a very long time. There will always come a point wherein one of you would give up and smile and say hi to the other person….. unless you have a stone-ish heart. I’m always like this. I always end up smiling at him/her because I really don’t want a fight. I don’t want to have harsh feelings for somebody.


This was my first Stevens’ novel and let me just say that she NAILED it. She’s such an AMAZING author. I would like to read more from her. She and her book deserve 5 GLITTERING stars. No words can explain how I felt while I was reading her book. Gosh, it was SO good. I RECOMMEND this to EVERYONE!

P.S. I also made a printable bookmark, just so you know. You can download it. 🙂





  1. Wow, this book sounds absolutely heartbreaking AND heartwarming at the same time. This definitely sounds something like I’d love – I love books about friendship, especially since they’re outshone by romance novels (nothing on romance novels though)! Thanks for the review, Jasmine. I’m going to add this to my TBR list (like, for real. Not just saying that!)

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      • Oh, I completely understand what you mean. :c The books that affect me emotionally the most are the hardest reviews to write!
        I will! This really interests me and I’m actually making a list of TBR so I don’t lose track of who is recommending me what, and The Lies About the Truth is definitely on there now! 🙂

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  2. Can I just say how much I love the pictures you took of the books?? (I’m on my cell so I’m pretty sure they’re the ones you took on Instagram) but anyway, I LURVE ’em! I too love a book about friendship! But believe it or not, IRL, I don’t really socialize all that much (I’m kind of a loner) but anyway I love it when a book tackles friendship and they get it right!♡

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