Event Recap: Book Blogger Tea Party with Penguin Random House


This event is probably one of the highlights of my year. It was really such an amazing experience hanging out with these bloggers and I couldn’t thank them enough because they’re all so sweet, kind, passionate, and (again) AMAZEBALLS. This tea party was hosted by Penguin Random House International and they’re just simply the best.*HANDS DOWN* ❤

JM and I planned to meet before lunch last August 29th because we wanted to have a chit-chat about certain things (specifically BOOKS & LIFE). I had to travel for almost 2 hours to get to that place and I left early because I didn’t want to be late. I arrived at 11:12AM to be exact. JM still wasn’t there, so I walked inside the bookstore. Holding different books. Checking my wallet. Taking random pictures for bookstagram. And he finally arrived at 11:45AM! Thank goodness. I was legit hungry. I kept telling him that I could eat him already.

And we probably lost all the calories that we gained because we strolled inside the mall. We went there. Anywhere. WE NEEDED TO “KILL” THE REMAINING TIME. And we finally met the squad!

From left to right:   Me, Bea @ Beatrice Learns to Read, JM @ Book Freak Revelations, and Nicka @ Read by Nicka

Right after this not-so-formal photo with the squad, we went to Bizu and we were wondering what to do, what to say, how to interact with the other bloggers because we’re shy AF. And then all of a sudden, everything went smoothly. By the way, I was sitting beside Ms. Honey, one of the PH-based representatives of PRH International, and every second was amazing. Don’t mind me saying “AMAZING” a million times. The PRH team knew that I was the one who gave Jennifer Niven the cat mug when she had her book signing here in the PH. Aside from that, we talked about a lot of things and some of them were:

  • #NicolaYooninPH – There is a big possibility that Nicola Yoon would come here in the PH. Details (hopefully) to come soon! Also, have you heard that they’re finally taping for the Everything, Everything movie? OH MY GOODNESS.
  • Blogging vs. Bookstagramming – I probably spend 1-2 hours taking bookish photos for my bookstagram (crazy, ikr?!) and I probably spend less than an hour drafting posts for my blog. I do have a notebook where I write my reviews about books and I’m just going to type it when I’m done writing it.
  • TWITTER DRAMAS – I have no comment about this one. I prefer to keep my mouth shut about this topic because I don’t want to get involved or something… Just be happy with what you’re reading! ❤
  • HAMILTON – JM practically forced me to listen to Hamilton. Don’t worry, I loved some songs. My faves are Helpless, Satisfied, Wait for it, and Take a break.

From left to right: Ms. Honey, Ms. Christine, and Ms. Jennifer

Of course, all good things must come to an end…



And this, my friends, is something that can’t be bought by money or anything. I will treasure this experience forever.


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